Bing Crosby on the set of The Road to Hong Kong

Bing Crosby and Mary Pickford on the set of Hollywood on Parade, 1932


Bob Hope and Bing Crosby: A Match Made in Heaven

There is nothing in the world I wouldn`t do for Hope, and there is nothing he wouldn`t do for me… We spend our lives doing nothing for each other.

Bob and Bing were friends both on- and off-screen, with their love of golf further establishing the inseparable bond between them. Just like the characters they portrayed in their Road movies, both men enjoyed poking fun at one another, and their jests on the golf course often brought amusement to unsuspecting bystanders. One such situation arose during the filming of Road to Hong Kong in 1961, at which time Bing and Bob shared a house together in England, where the movie was being shot. 

"It was called Cranbourne Court," Tony Hope said of the duo’s temporary residence. "It was out near the golf courses. They had some funny times together with the British on the golf courses. One time they had been filming a party scene on the set and they went straight from there to the golf course. They got into the men’s locker room, and they were changing their shoes, and as they took off their street shoes, all of this confetti fell out of their shoes. And the British members of the club were looking at them and wondering what was going on. So they started doing some of their schtick: ‘Oh, I see you’ve got some of the green stuff, Bob.’ That sort of thing. This is what they did from the early thirties, when they were at parties together in New York, before they ever worked together… They had this instant repartee and this ability to banter, and they never lost it.”

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Bing Crosby visits Audrey Hepburn on the set of Sabrina (1954)

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Spencer Tracy and Bing Crosby, 1938.

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Going My Way, starring Bing Crosby, at the Paramount Theatre in New York City, 1944.

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Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and the rest of the Rat Pack

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Bing Crosby and Gene Kelly in their cameos in “Let’s Make Love”, 1960

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Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman on the set of Arch Of Triumph (1948)

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